Phone Fix USA has been operating as Nebraska’s premier cellphone repair shop for over 20 years. Our founder was one of the first people in Nebraska selling Cellular technology back in the early 90s and we have been helping customers ever since. We have been fixing phones so long we used to service ‘the Bag phone’ (google it); we plan on fixing phones until the Iphone 6 becomes antiquated. Our original location has been operating in central lincoln in the same place for since day one. Phone Fix USA is still locally owned and operated and still have the same values driving us that we started with back in the 90s. We are looking forward to seeing you and fixing your phone!


At Phone Fix USA we have always strived to accomplish 3 things for every guest that stops by for help with their electronics:

phone repair1. GET THE JOB DONE!

We service our guests devices as quickly and efficiently as possible ( our wait time are regularly under 30 minutes at all of our locations)


We understand that your devices and your time can be extremely valuable to you and want to make sure your mind is put at ease with our warranty.  Comes standard with every repair we do and used device we sell.


We take the time to listen to you and make sure all your repair needs are met.  We even take the time out to help educate you about your devices so you can leave our stores ready to get the maximum usage out of your technology.

It is our hope that as we go forward and add new services for your convenience that we never lose sight of our customer service oriented beginnings.   We take pride in our craftsmanship and are always looking for ways to improve our service and find new customers to help.  If you would like more information please give us a call or check out any of our social media outlets.  Thank you valued customers!

First Aid Service for Many Brands

Most likely, we have a relationship with your phone carrier. In fact, about 60% of our current business comes from referrals from the major carriers. Count on Phone Fix USA to repair brands including: