Broken Screens in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

Don’t lose hope when you drop your phone on the sidewalk or in a pool. Broken screens and water damage are problems we can solve at Phone Fix USA in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska.

phone repair service

Mobile Device Repairs

We can repair almost any cell phone on the market as well as other mobile devices like iPods™, and Kindles™. We specialize in cell phone repair services for broken screens and water damage .

Get Top Dollar for Your Used Phone

Whether your phone is beyond repair or if you just want an upgrade, we pay top dollar for your used mobile devices. We refurbish phones and use broken phones for parts.

Buy New, Used, or Refurbished Mobile Devices

Check with us when you are shopping for a phone. We sell all phones from smart phones to flip phones. Our warranty covers any damage on refurbished and used phones for 90 days from the purchase date. Additionally, we offer replacement of broken parts on used and refurbished phones, at cost, for one year from the purchase date.

Accessories Galore

Discover a wide variety of accessories for mobile devices. Choose from Otterbox™, Body Glove®, and Ballistic® cases for almost any phone. In addition, you will find screen protectors as well as home and car chargers.

Battery Replacements

We strive to carry every battery you may need in our inventory. Get a battery replacement at a reasonable price for your iPad™, iPod™, and iPhone™.